Diacronía de la Lengua Española (DiLEs)

The Grupo Diacronía de la Lengua Española (DiLEs) (HUM-278) is interested in studying the linguistic and cultural heritage of Spanish by recovering, editing and analyzing historical documents in the field of Digital Humanities. At this time, this research group is developing the following digital resources:

AcronymFull NameLead Researcher
viewLDLD. Lozana DigitalRocío Díaz Bravo, Gael Vaamonde
viewODEOralia Diacrónica del EspañolMiguel Calderón
viewPANEPICAPANEPICA: Glosario del Poema de mio Cid y de la primitiva épica hispánicaJavier Rodríguez Molina

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