LD. Lozana Digital

General Description

The literary work Retrato de la Loçana andaluza is a dialogued novel written in 1524 and published in Venice around 1530. Its author, the Andalusian priest Francisco Delicado, aims to portray his main character, the prostitute Lozana, as well as the large number of diverse characters who live in the multicultural and multilingual city of Rome before the famous sack (1527). There are characters of various geographic and social backgrounds, communicative situations with different degrees of formality, as well as different discourse varieties.

The digital resource LD: Lozana Digital offers a digital edition of the Retrato de la Loçana andaluza and, at the same time, a lemmatised and PoS annotated corpus. This double purpose, philological and linguistic, has been implemented through the use of well-established international standards in the areas of Digital Humanities and Corpus Linguistics: the standard TEI-XML for the digital edition and the standard EAGLES for the PoS annotation of the corpus.

This electronic resource (the visualisation and edition of the data, as well as its linguistic processing), was created using TEITOK, “a web-based framework for corpus creation, annotation, and distribution, that combines textual and linguistic annotation within a single TEI based XML document” (Janssen 2016: 4037).

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The reproduction of the facsimile images used in this digital edition has been possible thanks to the permissions granted by the National Library of Austria.

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